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Greater Merrimack Valley Human Resource Association

GMVHRA - 2015-12-09 - "Understanding Workplace Violence"

  • 09 Dec 2015
  • 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  • NECC Riverwalk - 360 Merrimack St., Bldg 9, Lawrence, MA - ENTRANCE: K - 3rd Floor


  • Guest - 1st time attending

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015:

Pre-Approved for 1.25 general HRCI & SHRM re-certification credits.


TOPIC: "Understanding Workplace Violence"


This course is a base level course designed for corporations, schools, universities and healthcare facilities and provides for a foundation that is designed to take participants to the next level in Active Shooter/Workplace Violence training, skills and protection. The keys to survival in a sudden and traumatic incident that may require a split second life-or-death decision are a proper mindset based in preparation, managing fear, controlling your heart rate, and understanding exactly not only what happens to you in such a situation, but as importantly, what happens to your adversary. With a high level of understanding comes opportunity. You must understand your capabilities in advance! This course will bring you this critical level of understanding of these types of incidents and fill your toolbox with options and skills that will raise your level of performance through tactics and fear management.

Ultimately the most successful way to stay safe is to avoid the confrontation or incident completely. Recognizing the signs of a potentially dangerous person is one of the most critical tools that you can possess. Assessing a potential threat and reacting appropriately to it is something that must be driven by your organizations policy. This course covers threat assessments, recognizing signs of violence, appropriately dealing with a potential threat, forming threat assessment teams, and more.

Additional areas of discussion include OSHA’s General Duty Clause and Directive for Investigating Workplace Violence and recent fines levied by OSHA for companies failing to comply with standards.

The end result of this course will also provide all attendees with a base "mindset" and thought process that will keep them safe while they are away from work/school as much as it does while they are at work/school. It is a true employee benefit!

Topics covered in this course include:

OSHA and Workplace Violence; What is an Active Shooter; Lockdown vs. Evacuation; The Dynamics of an Incident; Fear - Is it Good or Bad; Hallways/Classrooms/Offices/Gathering Areas; The Office is the High Ground; Running Towards vs Away From Your Adversary; Creating Resistance; Weapons of Opportunity; Planned Weapons; Understanding Rooms/Hallways/Entryways; OODA Loop; The Mind of the Adversary; Natural Weapons - Intuition, Instinct, Will, Fear; Threat Assessments; Intelligence Gathering; Understanding Your Adversary and How This Creates Opportunities for You to Win.


Our Speakers: Lt. Terry Choate

Terry Choate is a full-time Lt. with the Jaffrey Police Department where he has served for the past 9 years. Prior to a career change to law enforcement, Lt Choate served in Executive level positions (Vice President) in several large (including Fortune 500) corporations. He is also the Team Commander of the Monadnock Regional Special Response Team. His training includes: 

  • N.H. Tactical Officers Assn - SWAT 1&2 
  • LEADS Consulting (LAPD) - SWAT 1&2 
  • LEADS Consulting (LAPD) - Team Commander School 
  • FBI Crisis Negotiator School
  • Field Training Officer
  • NH Prosecutor School
  • Response to Active Shooter
  • Israeli Response to Active Shooter
  • C.A.R.V.E.R Vulnerability Security Assessment Training 
  • Department of Homeland Security Surveillance Detection 
  • Self Defense Training in Numerous Methods 
  • Executive Security International

The Worlds Leading Educational Institution in the area of Security Surveys and Advances, Personal and Executive Protection to include study in the areas of Stalking, Terrorism and Business Security.

“My passion’s are safety, dealing with the out-of-control drug problem, and helping those in need. I have strived to thoroughly study these topics, for the past 20 years, and develop a program that will teach others the most common sense, practical ways to keep themselves, their families, and their businesses safe”


Detective Joe Hileman

Joe Hileman is a full-time Detective with the Jaffrey Police Department which he has served for the past 9 years. He is the Assistant Team Commander of the Monadnock Regional Special Response Team. His training includes:

NH Tactical Officers Assn - SWAT 1&2 

LEADS Consulting (LAPD) - SWAT 1&2 

Field Training Officer 

Use of Force Instructor


Our Sponsor: 


Gretchen Uhas has been providing customized Microsoft training classes to businesses in New Hampshire and Massachusetts for over 15 years.  She is a Microsoft Office Master Instructor and has a degree in education.  Gretchen holds classes at your location, setting up a training lab with her notebook PCs, projector, and screen.  Classes are held in ½ day segments so your employees can get only as much information as they can digest in one sitting and are still available for a half day's work.  Gretchen will customize a class to cover only the topics that you determine are needed and each participant receives an after-class reference manual that covers the topics from the class.  Dashboard University is the newest offering from Uhas Computer Training.  Excel Dashboards usually fits on one page; they display key trends, comparisons, and data graphically; and they provide the reader with conclusions relevant to the objective so that the reader does not have to do their own analysis to find the meaning.




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8:45 AM - 9:00 AM Chapter Business / Legislative Update
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9:10 AM - 10:30 AM Program

LOCATION: NECC Riverwalk , 360 Merrimack St. Bldg 9, Lawrence, MA ENTRANCE K - 3rd Floor

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